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Nail it to the cross framed burlap picture with Nail it prayer

I've put together an eye-catching matted and framed combination which displays a burlap print which says Salvation, He Nailed it and a separate cutout to the right of the print which has a Nail it to the cross prayer.  Beautifully Framed in deep-colored gold and black frame and a black and Sahara tan mat combination. A nice display of faith for office or home. Size is 13" X 20" from edge to edge of frame. Includes Glass and hook for easy hanging

The prayer says:
Each worry, stress, or sorrow, each need you're thinking of...Nail it to the Cross, and entrust it to Christ's love. A trial or temptation, a challenge hard to face...Nail it to the Cross, and give it to His grace. For Christ redeemed all suffering, all struggle, loss, and death...He nailed the world's salvation as He took His final breath.