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Attitudes verse framed in calligraphy for home and office

Framed Attitudes verse is perfect for office, home and young adults, college students and graduation. A multi colored Attitudes shows under the lettering. From a distance you see the word Attitudes. It draws you in to read the following:

We all have them. It doesn't matter how old you are or what your nationality is, how much your income is or how educated you are. We all decide by CHOICE how we allow our attitudes to show our true character.
Attitudes are formed by our reactions to daily situations, challenges and problems.
Both positive and negative attitudes will reveal to others how we think and ultimately who we put our trust and faith in. 
Our family, friends and co-workers and even those met just once may be influenced by our attitude.
Our body language, eye contact and behavior creates a powerful impression
and can speak volumes to those with whom we come in contact with. 
All these factors are the ingredients which make up the uniqueness of each and every person
on this planet.  Attitudes can be changed and shaped.
The daily challenges of life delivers a daily opportunity to improve our attitudes. 
It's your choice !!! How's your attitude today?

written and copyrighted by Candy Roe Bridges

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